Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

26 Jun

These past few weeks we have been staying at a Thousand Trails in Willis, Texas.

Just down the road there is Lake Conroe, and members of T.T. can rent a boat to go fishing, or just explore this huge lake!

Philippe and I have really been enjoying this campground, there are a ton of fun activities to do; Including a Hawaiian show to kick off the summer.

We have all experienced so many new things in Texas, like Mega Churches. Personally, I am more of a small town, small church girl at heart, although we have all really fallen in love with Mega Churches. It is really something else!!

Our first time at Lakewood church is a memory I will never forget for as long as I live.

“You have arrived at your destination,” the GPS told us, and we all looked around quite confused. All we saw were tall buildings that looked more like hotels than a church.

We pulled into the car park and asked a gentleman where Lakewood church is, he told us “You cannot park underground, but you can go park at the outside parking lot where a shuttle will take you to the church.”

All four of us sat there in surprise. “A shuttle?! To go to church?! This is new!” was what I was thinking, I think this got us all quite excited and curious to see what lied ahead.

So finally we found our parking spot, and we all rushed out of the truck and followed the crowd to where the shuttle was to pick us up.

Mama kept saying that we were late and possibly missed the service and that we would have to listen to the Spanish service. None of us (except for Mom) can understand a word of Spanish. Our fears of a Spanish service increased as we heard everyone around us speaking Spanish.

“Well, Sabrina, everyday one learns something new,” I was repeatedly telling myself “And todays lesson is Spanish,”

The shuttle soon arrived and the doors opened to reveal a smiling African-American woman, who was playing jazzy Gospel music on the radio.

We found our place at the back of the shuttle, and all exchanged excited smiles. Spanish service or not, this was going to be great!

The lady drove us down an underground-type street, we all looked out the window in curiosity, street signs were indicating Lakewood church, ladies and gents dressed in their Sunday best were talking on the sidewalk.

As we stepped off of the shuttle we all looked at each other and asked “Where do we go next?”

Dad started following the crowd, and Mom, Philippe, and I followed Dad.
Soon we came upon two large glass doors that led to the children’s sign in (Philippe stayed with us).
Still lost, we walked up to a lady who was declaring “Section closed! Go to the right!”

“Excuse me-“ began Dad,

“Section closed! Go to the right!”

“Yes, we’re new here, where is-“

“I know, section closed!”

“Where would the service be, please?”

“If you go upstairs someone will help you. Section closed!”

Since the section was closed, we went up the escalator and found where the service was.

Dad led us to one of the auditorium doors, a lady and a gentleman were standing there with two buckets full of what looked like half-and-half coffee containers you can find in offices that serve coffee.

“Would you like communion?” We were asked.

“Excuse me?” Mom replied, not quite knowing how a bucket full of portable half-and-half (or possibly mints) has to do with communion.

“Would you like communion?” The woman asked again, this time picking the little plastic container out of the box to reveal not only grape juice in the container, but a wafer in the lid!

“Oh, yes!” Mama took some for all of us and we continued to walk up the little slanted hallway, we arrived at the doors, my heart started pounding as the loud beat of drums and guitars rung through the walls, I looked down at Philippe and saw his big brown eyes sparkle and he smiled from ear to ear.

Dad opened the door, I find it funny how when you are anticipating something, all normal things seem to take forever to happen. Like opening a door for instance, little by little I began to see the big picture. First I caught a glimpse of the lady singing on stage, and a huge screen above the stage showing a close-up of her. Then I saw the congregation, more, and more, and more people were visible the more dad opened the door.

We all stepped in. My mouth dropped.

An auditorium full of people singing praises to the LORD.

At the car park of Lakewood Church

At the car park of Lakewood Church

During the service just before the sermon

During the service just before the sermon

Sermon delivered by Pastor Joel Osteen

Sermon delivered by Pastor Joel Osteen

At the end of the service

At the end of the service

In front of Lakewood church bookstore

In front of Lakewood church bookstore

This picture was taken by a family visiting from Africa

This picture was taken by a family visiting from Africa


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3 responses to “Lakewood Church, Houston, TX

  1. Mary Kaye

    July 15, 2013 at 2:00 am

    Hey guys!
    That mega church experience sounded like a unique experience. I was just wondering how you were doing and then up popped the post!!!
    Miss you guys!
    When home?

    • drmwilson

      July 15, 2013 at 3:31 am

      Hello Mary Kaye,

      Thank you for being such a loyal friend! Lakewood church was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed Pastor Osteens sermon so much that I ended up buying 10 DVDs of 3 to 4 sermons on each one! Tonight we watched his second sermon on how to rule over your feelings. We now face the challenge to apply it during the coming week!! We are heading to Florida next to meet my brother who is flying from France. This will be a great family reunion as we have not seen each other for the longest time. We do not even know his youngest daughter. How much we are missing!

      Sabrina showed me picture of your grand-daughter on Facebook. She has grown so much already. Children are a great gift from God.

      Love to you all,

      Muriel and family

  2. Nalubega Florence

    August 15, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Lake Wood Church is so great and wounderful may God bless me and you all.


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