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The Trailer Village at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon - South Rim - Wednesday November 14th 2012 014

We stayed at the Trailer Village located 1/2 mile from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon inside the National Park. Here are some pics of our campground. Our first day at the Grand Canyon was Wednesday November 14th 2012.

We woke up this morning in the quietness of the Trailer Village in the Grand Canyon National Park. The first clue to remember how cold was last night is when opening the tap water of the bathroom. This morning no water ran out of the tap. Last night the temperature reached -10 degrees Celsius which is 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Alaskan Malamute Beauty loved this cool night outside under our house – just right for her. We wisely had the electrical heating as well as the propane and the water tank filled up. How much fun it is to pass from July weather in San Diego, CA to winter weather in Grand Canyon, AZ! By the way we totally missed fall this year!

Grand Canyon - South Rim - Wednesday November 14th 2012 017

Forgetting about breakfast, I run outside as Jonathan was pointing out to us the elk which were themselves having their breakfast amongst the RVs. We had to explain to Beauty that the hunting season was now closed. I was giving her the wrong signal when I was quietly getting closer to them to get a good picture. She thought I was hunting and could not understand why Daddy was pulling more and more on the leash!

Grand Canyon - South Rim - Wednesday November 14th 2012 002Grand Canyon - South Rim - Wednesday November 14th 2012 004

We finally reached the breakfast table and quickly swallowed a few “tartines” of jam as the excitement of seeing the Grand Canyon was growing. If you are planning to hike or walk at the Grand Canyon, take plenty of water, snacks and sport drinks, wear different layers as the temperature changes throughout the day and also varies based on the elevation you are at. The South Rim park is very well organized as from our campground, we have the possibility to take a shuttle to go to the gate of Hermit Road. Once at the gate there is choice between hoping into another shuttle that will stop at different viewpoints or walk along the trail.

Grand Canyon - South Rim - Wednesday November 14th 2012 005


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