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Perdido Key, Florida

Welcome to Florida!

Welcome to Florida!

Our second day in Alabama started with our normal routine that consists in taking care of our on-line students whilst  the children Рwho are celebrating their second day of summer vacation Рare enjoying the campground. As lunch time arrived, we decided to head off to a restaurant in Florida (Florida being just across the bridge of our campground) for a quick snack as the final objective of the day was to visit Historic Pensacola village.

However that day turned out to be somewhat very different than what was planned. The reason being was that the restaurant suggested by the KOA lady turned out to be by the Gulf of Mexico. What a great surprise it was! The restaurant was located on a beautiful white sandy beach with its own playground on the beach to the delight of Philippe. As we sat down and opened, with great anticipation the seafood menu, another surprise was awaiting for us: the price of a restaurant in Florida seaside!! With the children menu came a bucket and spade to play on the beach and as Sabrina pointed out to me, on the bucket was written: “affordable seafood”! I therefore decided that this would be my birthday lunch as my birthday is in 6 days.

While waiting for the food, Philippe went to enjoy the playground to then disappeared with me exploring the beach. I could not believe how white was the sand. In France we have one place like this which is on the Island of Porquerolles.

Philippe at the playground of the Crab Trap

Philippe at the playground of the Crab Trap

On our way to the beach

On our way to the beach

Philippe enjoying his first time at the Gulf of Mexico

Philippe enjoying his first time at the Gulf of Mexico

The food was delicious. Florida seems to have a very different way to cook their fish than in Louisiana. In Louisiana I was surprised to see on the menu so many dishes that we have in French restaurants and oh surprise the dishes do taste like in France. Usually, in the USA, what is called French something like French bread it is not what you will find in France. Anyway the food was delicious and it was more elaborate than just something fried!!

Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit! – Jonathan on salads!

My Nana enjoying her seafood pasta dish

My Nana enjoying her seafood pasta dish

Philippe  chose a fish dinner

Philippe chose a fish dinner

More fun time at the beach after our lunch. As you have probably already noticed, we did not have the appropriate clothes to enjoy the ocean as we were going to visit a historical village. But this did not seem to be an issue for Sabrina and Philippe as you can see on the following pics.

Perdido Key, Florida 275

Perdido Key, Florida 276

Perdido Key, Florida 279

We also had in mind to go to a camera supply shop to fix or buy a new lens for my Nikon J1. I was pretty sad to be left with the big zoom only for the rest of the trip with my brother arriving in 3 weeks. We arrived 2 minutes before the store closed. As I rushed thought the front door and almost landed on the front desk, the owner told me that they were still there going nowhere! Steve, the owner’s name, shared with me that his great grand-mother came from Lyon, France the city where I was born and grew up. How small is the world! The verdict for my camera was that it did extremely well considering this was a camera for occasional birthday parties and that it lasted a year taking 23,000 pictures.

My sadness was now so obvious that my sweetheart asked what kind of camera will do the job for our discovery of this beautiful free country that is America and handle in excess of 23,000 pictures a year. I now know that this is the best country in the world! If you know me you will know that I mean it. My country is beautiful but just to go to spend some vacation. We could not have the same lifestyle in France or the UK: homeschooling, fifth wheel and campground, online teaching for a Christian University and so forth. Parenthesis closed.

Steve was suppose to close his store at 5:30pm and we ended up leaving his store at 7pm. A great man, the only republican person in the whole building, the whole area and a minority in Pensacola. Pensacola is a magnificent place and as usual, people who do not believe in traditional marriage tend to take over the most beautiful places.

To cut a long story short, my birthday present is a Canon Rebel (the light model) as it is hanging down almost all day long on my neck. As the model was on sale, I was also able to choose an 250mm zoom. Thank you Darling.

The next stop was at the beach again to try it out. As I am learning to use it these may not be the best pictures but this is start.

The day ended at Walmart to buy bread, jambon cru and saucisson for our trip the next day. We are  heading to Monticello, Florida Рa night stop to reach Orlando, FL. We are actually reaching our KOA at Monticello as I am completing this writing.

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 004

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 007

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 022

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 024

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 031

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 036

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 044

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 054

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 056

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 062The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 075

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 086

The Crab Trap, Perdido Key, FL 087

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change”. James 1:17 (ESV)


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